Alarming Signs for Dementia

Alarming Signs for Dementia

Alarming Signs for Dementia Alarming Signs for Seniors to Seek Medical Advice Concerning ,Our brain function is related to our age. When we grow older, our brain starts to lose some of its functions gradually in a process called ageing. One of the most common diseases associated with ageing is . Dementia affects only 1% of people aged 60 to 64 but 30 to 50% of those older than 85 years Health Tips for Active Ageing.

Dementia is a term used by geriatricians, doctors trained to meet the unique healthcare needs of older adults, to define many symptoms that affect the brain including loss of cognitive functions as memory and many other behavioral changes that affects the ability of individuals to function normally for their daily life activities.

Dementia includes many types but the most common is Alzheimer’s disease, it accounts for 50-60% of all dementias.

Alarming Signs for Seniors to Seek Medical Advice Concerning Dementia
Alarming Signs for Dementia

Described as a progressive disease that can be miss diagnosed in its early stages, there are some alarming signs suggest that an individual should see a geriatrician to assess his mental status to be able to control dementia as early as possible, these signs are:

Memory loss : which is common among senior citizens. But here we mean memory loss that affects the individual’s ability to function such as forgetting about his medications or forgetting important landmarks of the neighborhood.

Mood swings : Such as depression, sadness, episodes of anger or even refusal of food and medications. These symptoms, however not specific to dementia, must be investigated as they can have many serious complications.

Inability to maintain daily living skills : Either due to mental problems as problems thinking clearly or paying attention or physical limitations as trouble walking.

Difficult communications : As patient may find it hard to name objects and finds him/herself need to describe objects instead of simply naming them.

Visual Hallucinations : Which is seeing things that do not really exist such as ghosts or so ever.

Disturbance in sleep : Either the individual sleeps more than what he/she is used to or becoming sleep deprived.

Alarming Signs for Seniors to Seek Medical Advice Concerning Dementia All these signs are indicators that individual should seek medical advice. The bad news is that dementia cannot be treated completely while the good news is that in can be controlled by either medications or behavioral therapy to limit its progression.

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