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artificial kidney transplantation
artificial kidney transplantation

This is a new science in artificial kidney transplantation


artificial kidney transplantation – The invention of an implantable industrial college is an advance in medicine, and provides a successful solution to the chronic shortage of kidney donation needed for transplantation

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artificial kidney transplantation

Researchers continued to deal with this problem over the past decades, and their problem was very complex

How to maintain blood flow, without coagulation, during such industrial devices

Platelets respond to mechanical forces with these devices, and have a natural tendency to clot, causing malfunction in the devices, according to the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBI) site of the US Department of Health, based in Maryland

To overcome this problem, rare experiences in the development of the industrial college and those in computer simulations were combined to simulate blood flow, according to a study published in the journal Biomechanics

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While renal dialysis saves the lives of thousands, not millions, every year, it is not the ideal solution for treating renal failure. Instead of continuous blood filtration

Which keeps the blood chemistry within a healthy range, it produces very clean blood, is free of nutrients, and gradually becomes more toxic until the next dialysis session is performed

Blood clotting

The industrial kidney provides a continuous blood filtration feature, which reduces the effects of kidney disease and relieves patients

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In addition, researchers have made advances in wearable device models around the body

but the conversion of the device to be implanted inside the body has been hampered by the problem of blood flow in the body due to blood clotting

“The risk of blood clotting is that the clot can move to the heart and cause a heart attack, but can cause a stroke if it reaches the brain,” says Rosemary, director of the NIBIB program in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

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Biological Engineering

The implantable kidney is a biologically engineered device that combines a highly efficient silicon filter, a bioreactor, a small tube of cells, under a long-term project that Professor Shufu Roy of California State University In San Francisco (UCSF) Professor of Bioengineering and Clinical Sciences, and Professor William Vissel of Vanderbilt University Medical School

The experimental device is designed to accommodate up to a liter of blood per minute and is filtered through a group of silicon membranes

The filtered liquid contains toxins, water, electrolytes and sugars. The liquid is then subjected to a second phase of treatment in a bioreactor of cells grown in the laboratory of the type that normally liners the kidney tubes

These cells also regain the absorption of most sugars, salts and water back into the bloodstream. What remains is Paula directed to the bladder to get out of the body

Challenge of transplant ability

There are many techniques to carry out this complex process, but researchers have one challenge: to assemble the different innovations into a single, all-functional device that can be implanted in the human body

Fruitful cooperation

The San Francisco and Vanderbilt University team in Tennessee, and co-author Prof. Danny Blochstein, professor of biomedical engineering at New York State University, Stony Brook, co-authored the work

Bluestein Methodology

Professor Blaustein’s methodology was used to determine flow patterns and pressure during blood flow.

In an explanation of the computer simulator about the blood’s tendency to meet substances for the formation of DTE, Roy and Vissel immediately realized that his theories could be applied to the design of their industrial kidney

A sophisticated computer simulation was also carried out to shorten many years of experiments and research in the design of a device that produces good results that can be accurately analyzed and can be tested safely in terms of plate activation and the consequent formation of the clot

This step has helped to cut off long stretches of the project in the shortest time possible, as a substitute for experimental animals and pave the way for the start of clinical trials this year


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