Dialysis and pregnancy. The risk of premature birth

Dialysis and pregnancy. The risk of premature birth

Dialysis and pregnancy. The risk of premature birth With the scientific development now, women undergoing dialysis can carry a normal pregnancy, which was not envisaged in the recent past, but that is not without health risks

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Dialysis and pregnancy

Kidney function is very important for human body performance.

It is responsible for detoxifying the body’s waste, which makes urine, and also regulates blood pressure, but kidneys can be temporarily affected by various diseases, this is called acute kidney failure

The kidneys can also be disrupted, and do not work continuously

this is called chronic renal failure, in which case it is necessary to use an external device to filter waste through dialysis

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Risks of Pregnancy under Dialysis

A medical report published in the medical journal mediite.fr suggests that increased pregnancy increases renal deterioration. For this reason, pregnancy during dialysis is considered a high risk pregnancy.

Therefore, the pregnancy should be subject to careful monitoring by a multi-team specializing in gynecology, kidney disease

The main risk for dialysis is prematurity and an increase in the amount of amniotic fluid, the report adds

These risks are often associated with the risk of fetal weakness and delayed growth, and the rate of caesarean sections in pregnancies with dialysis is very high, the report says

Specialist doctors also confirm that the number of preterm infants in pregnant women who have been on dialysis has increased for several years, and medical treatment continues to improve

Kidney dialysis is a medical technique used to remove toxins and excess waste from the body.

This technique is used for people with renal failure or renal insufficiency.

It is usually performed in the hospital under the supervision of a specialist doctor and nurses, but sometimes it can take place in the patient’s home. , Because of the difficulty of being transferred to the hospital, in this article will talk about in general

Tips for dialysis the dialysis process takes about four hours and lasts three times a week. Use the appropriate filter for patient weight.

Weight measurement before and after dialysis, in order to avoid the accumulation of excess waste in the body
Permanent tests were conducted to measure the proportion of hemoglobin in the body.

When you feel pain in your bones or knees, it is best to check for calcium, phosphorus, and thyroid gland. Eat enough protein.

Drink enough fluids during dialysis. Stay away from eating salty food.
Taking medicines under the supervision of a doctor
Stay away from eating processed foods such as: turkey cheese, and chips. Stay away from drinking soft drinks.

When you feel tired and tired in your body during kidney dialysis, you should consult your doctor immediately. Maintain the level of sugar in the body

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