Dialysis: Information you need to know

Dialysis Information you need to know If you think dialysis patients are happier than healthy people, you may find among this information what changes your mind

How long can you live without dialysis
Dialysis life expectancy by age

Dialysis Information you need to know

Does dialysis affect the fertility or average age of the patient, when should the person wash his kidney? All of this information will be found here

?When does the patient start dialysis

The National Kidney Foundation guidelines recommend that the patient begin dialysis when

Kidney function decreases by 15% than normal

In the event of severe symptoms of the patient resulting from kidney disease, such as shortness of breath, fatigue, muscle spasms, nausea and vomiting

Life expectancy on dialysis

Dialysis is something you can do for the rest of your life

The National Kidney Foundation noted that many patients had lived well on dialysis for 20 or even 30 years


Most that do dialysis are happier than healthy ones
A study by the American Psychological Association found that dialysis patients are happier than healthy people because of their ability to understand and adapt to life conditions and to try to simplify things and deal with them positively

Peritoneal dialysis is best for the bloody patient

Researchers at Yale University and the Renal Research Institute found that peritoneal dialysis patients were more comfortable receiving treatment than patients with hem dialysis

Hem dialysis is carried out by a device that removes blood from the arm and purifies it of toxins through certain filters and chemicals. In peritoneal dialysis, blood is removed from the toxins by withdrawing the peritoneal membrane from the blood, not the blood itself

Interesting Info about Kidney Dialysis

Renal dialysis and reproductive capacity

Dialysis affects the fertility and fertility of the patient. Studies indicate that the chance of success of pregnancy is very low, up to about 1% within the first few years of starting dialysis

Doctors usually advise women with renal failure to become pregnant because of the risks they may have. If they have a pregnancy, you may need to double the dialysis rate to get a healthy child

Dialysis is not painful

When injections are injected into the fistula, you may feel some immediate pain, but dialysis is not a painful procedure as a result of technological development

Disclaimer: If you experience any pain, you must check the reasons with the staff of the hospital may be a defect in the devices did not pay attention to him

Myths on kidney patient exceeded

It is not true that dialysis patients cannot work, travel or get a normal life like others, but be careful and follow their lifestyle accurately, and do not neglect the dates of washing the kidney, which may be three times a week to avoid complications

Dialysis does not make the patient weak, dialysis helps you detoxify your body, restore some strength and activity.

You can get activity by following a strict diet, instructions to take fluids to help your body walk the right path, and avoid complications due to penetrating the functions of the device

How Long Does Kidney Transplant the final treatment of renal failure
Important tips for kidney transplant patients

Dialysis patients may choose to transplant.

Your dialysis does not mean that you need to rely on the devices for the rest of your life.

You can get rid of them when you have a kidney donor that is identical to your body’s cells