How long can you live without dialysis

How long can you live without dialysis

How long can you live without dialysis

If you had renal failure, doctors would recommend you renal dialysis. Many people with renal failure may refuse renal dialysis

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There are many reasons that make these patients refuse dialysis, for example

Some people think dialysis is useless and may lead to death due to its side effects and complications such as; electrolyte imbalance, hypertension, arrhythmias… etc

Some people hate injections and needles which are inserted in every session of renal dialysis

Some people may feel that being in routine dialysis program make them socially unaccepted

Renal dialysis sessions are difficult in compliance and follow up, as it is long life treatment

Long term renal dialysis may cause for some patients bad psychological effects like anxiety, depression, and psychosis… etc

Renal dialysis may be refused option due to its highly expensive non affordable cost or lack of facilities

Some people may refuse dialysis as they aim to have kidney transplant soon. Some medical theories suggest avoiding renal dialysis if you are planning to have kidney transplant soon as it increases the incidence rate of organ rejection

 Regardless of these reasons, if you decided not to start dialysis, you may ask yourself “how long will I live if I refused dialysis

Well, it’s very difficult questions to answer as there is no definite answer

But generally the remaining time is different from person to another. People with renal failure who refuse dialysis may survive days to weeks or even months

There are many factors which detect how long will they survive,these factors include the following

The percentage of kidney function

Degree of symptoms and complications induced by renal failure

General health condition of the patient) especially blood pressure and blood glucose level)
Life style, especially eating habits) rich fat and protein diet may shorten the remaining time)

Age and body built

Smoker or not

Obese or not

Finally, if you decided not to start renal dialysis, you should do renal function test on an ongoing basis

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