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How Long Does Kidney Transplant
How Long Does Kidney Transplant the final treatment of renal failure

How Long Does Kidney Transplant the final treatment of renal failure


How Long Does Kidney Transplant – Kidney transplant Kidney transplant is the process that is used to try the final treatment of renal failure.

Important tips for kidney transplant patients
Causes, complications of renal transplantation

The kidneys purify the blood from the waste, forming the urine that exposes the waste, fluids and excess fluids from the body’s need, thus helping the kidneys regulate the body fluids and blood pressure, When the kidneys fail to function for a variety of reasons, it becomes impossible for the body to continue its activity without waste disposal.

How Long Does Kidney Transplant

When renal failure is irreversible, lighter kidney to improve the quality of life when the patient, but how much take a kidney transplant? This is what answers in this article.

The benefits of kidney transplantation the need for kidney transplantation is balanced against all patients on the transplant list. Priority is given according to several criteria.

These criteria are the cause of kidney failure in the patient. This may vary widely among patients by age, gender, and environmental factors. And genetic, but it can be said that the reasons for kidney transplant include renal failure

which is defined as the inability of the kidneys to filter the blood value of more than 20 ml / min, this value represents the final stage of renal insufficiency, and usually start treatment for blood transfusion in patients pending the appropriate college of a donor Living or dead Newly

Tips to protect kidney transplant patients from obesity
Interesting Info about kidney transplantation

kidney transplantation can be compared with repeated referral sessions by mentioning the advantages of kidney transplantation represented by the following:

Better quality of life.
A lower mortality rate
More options for dieting
Lower material cost in the long term.

Some people undergo kidney transplantation even before undergoing any referral session, which is called a prophylactic transplant.

Factors that prevent kidney transplantation there are some factors that can prevent the patient from getting a place among the waiting list for kidney transplantation.

These factors may be related to an increased risk of death in kidney transplantation than the risk of death due to transference sessions and factors that may prevent the patient from succumbing.

The process of kidney transplantation is as follows

Progress in age
Serious and advanced heart disease
Current cancer infection or recent treatment of cancer
Mental illness is not well controlled.

Diseases associated with memory loss such as Alzheimer’s.

Addiction to alcohol or drugs

Any other factor that may affect the viability, the operation or the medications that the patient has to take after the procedure to prevent rejection of the implanted organ

How long does renal transplantation take to answer the question: How long does kidney transplantation take? The stages that take place during the procedure must be addressed.

The process in which the kidney is transferred from a living donor or passed to the patient is undergoing three major stages: On the lower abdomen, where the kidney is taken from the donor, and the kidneys located in the patient are usually left in place, unless they are at risk of cancer, pain or sepsis.

Understanding the Kidney Transplant
Kidney Transplant – Is Kidney Transplant Good For You

The blood vessels of the patient are connected to the blood vessels in the kidney that are implanted, and this is to provide the blood that will work through the kidney.

Finally, the ureter – the tube that carries urine from the kidney to the bladder, which is usually taken from the donor – is connected to the patient’s bladder so that the kidney can discharge the urine.

A small tube called the sternum may be inserted into the ureter to ensure that the urine travels from the kidney to the bladder properly, and this tube is usually still in a simple operation after 6 to 12 weeks of surgery.

The wound is closed after checking the intactness of the kidney and its links with the vessels and ureters.

This process is simple and straightforward. However, it requires great effort from the medical staff.

The surgery is complex and difficult. The operation takes about 3 hours in the operating room

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