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IgA nephropathy

IgA nephropathy is considered to be kidney disease, in which there is kidney inflammation accompanied with glomeruli damage and deposition of IgA.

In many cases, IgA nephropathy has no symptoms. But, in cases of glomeruli damage, blood begins to appear in urine, which is called hematuria. Sometimes this blood becomes invisible, and can be detected only by routine lab investigations.

On the other hand, blood may be visible in cases of severe extensive glomeruli damage. Also, in some cases there is pain over the kidneys and feeling of sickness. Kidney failure can be slowly developed, which may give sickness if the kidney failure is very advanced.

Based on the clinical picture of the disease, complications begin to appear, the most common complications are the following:

Renal failure: It is manifested by regular slow deterioration of kidney functions.

Elevation of blood pressure: This is due to glomeruli damage, which puts huge load on the heart and its circulation. The end result of this situation is chronic heart disease and myopathy. So, urgent medical treatment is a must.

In rare case, Henoch-schonelein purpura may appear which is manifested by blotchy red rash on the legs and buttocks.
The outcome of the disease varies from a case to another, there are many possibilities, and they include the following:

It may stay stable without changes for many years, which requires routine examination. This type of prognosis is the commonest one.

Recovery may occur in minimal percentage of these cases.

Renal failure may occur as one of the most common complication of the disease, which requires kidney dialysis or transplantation.

Treatment of IgA nephropathy aims to decrease antibody production through massive course of steroids. These treatments have many side effects and its trials still in progress. On the other hand, other complications should be treated.

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