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Interesting Info about kidney transplantation

Interesting Info about kidney transplantation – Some diseases can damage the kidneys. If the damage is severe, renal failure is the end result of this damage. In this case, kidney transplantation will be a therapeutic option for you

Before kidney transplantation, pre-transplant evaluation should be done. It includes the following:
Physical examination & complete medical and surgical history.
Electrocardiogram (ECG), which evaluates heart rate, heart

rhythm and discover any cardiac abnormalitie.

Chest X-ray, to ensure respiratory system health.
Blood tests which includes; complete blood count (CBC), erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), coagulation profile,

kidney & liver function tests.

Tissue typing, which is used to find a matching organ.

Concerning kidney transplantation surgery, you should know the following facts:
The operation is done under general anesthesia; it takes about 4 – 6 hours.
The surgeon will make incision about 5 – 7 inches long, just above the groin on any side.
Through this operation, the surgeon will attach the vessels of the kidney to the vessels in the patient’s body.

After that, there will be list of medications should be taken to avoid any risky complications especially tissue rejection. These medications include the following:
Immunosuppressive drugs, which are used to avoid tissue rejection.
Corticosteroids, which are used also for tissue rejection.
Antiviral drugs, to avoid viral infection.
Antibiotics, to avoid bacterial and fungal infection.
Antihypertensive drugs, to maintain normal levels of blood pressure and enhance circulation to kidney.
Diuretics, to maintain normal fluid and electrolyte levels in the body.
Other drugs, they include; vitamins, anti-cholesterol drugs & antacids.

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