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 protect kidney transplant patients from obesity
 protect kidney transplant patients from obesity

Tips to protect kidney transplant patients from obesity

 protect kidney transplant patients from obesity – Kidney transplantation is a sign of hope for some renal failure patients; it brings them back to life without dialysis

but a kidney transplant patient needs some guidance, following the procedure, to maintain his health

Interesting Info about kidney transplantation
Understanding the Kidney Transplant

 protect kidney transplant patients from obesity

The kidney patient after renal transplantation is more likely to become obese due to the relatively high doses of cortisone taken after transplantation

as well as increased appetite after transplantation as opposed to renal dialysis

So he must follow some tips; so as not to affect the obesity of his health negatively, and these tips

Do not stop taking medications, which will gradually be taken down over time, so do not worry about it
Maintain a balanced healthy diet that contains all nutrients,

especially vegetables and fresh fruit

Reduce the intake of sugars, juices and Pepsi, as well as carbohydrates such as rice, pasta and potatoes; because they increase weight useless

To exercise regularly, such as walking half an hour a day, it helps to reduce weightReduce the intake of salts that open appetite and stress the kidneys a lot, which affects them negatively

The kidneys work in the human body to purify the blood from impurities and waste. It also regulates the level of electrolytes and fluids in the body.

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If kidney function stops due to kidney failure, the waste accumulates inside the body leading to many health problems.

In fact, people with renal failure are usually given periodic coronary angioplasty; special medical devices are used to help purify the blood from waste.

Kidney transplant can also be used after it is confirmed that the procedure is appropriate for the patient; It does not suit all people, including people with an active infection, or people who are obese, for example.

Kidney transplantation can be defined as a surgical procedure in which one or two intact kidneys are implanted in the body of a patient with renal failure. A healthy kidney is obtained by a living donor or by a deceased person.

It is important to note that a person can live a healthy life in a kidney one is sound where it performs the desired role though the other is lost

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