Rules of healthy life
Rules of healthy life

Rules of healthy life

Rules of healthy life

To get healthy life, several rules and concepts should be in your mind, just do the following tips

Rules of healthy life

Your body deserves to get enough amounts of nutrients

so you should eat a variety of nutrient-packed food, which include: whole grains, lean protein, fruits & vegetables, and low-fat or fat-free dairy.

Also you should minimize eating food containing high amounts of fats, sugars or salt.

You should get enough amounts of water to stay hydrated

water is very useful for all body organs, especially kidney, liver and brain.

You should know how much to eat

this can be detected upon the caloric content present in each type of food.

By using this plan, you will able to calculate the daily requirement of needed calories, and then you can detect food amount you should eat every day.

Physical exercises are important element

you should have at least ½ hour daily in 5 days of the week.

These exercises will increase heart rate

which consequently pump blood to all body parts, to strength your muscles and give you extra power and energy.

You should stay clean

being clean consists of many items, which includes: good hygiene and regular washing of hands to avoid germ infection, avoid negative & positive smoking and avoidance of bad ventilation places too.

Don’t be a stress victim

you should make a balance between your businesses, family and play time.

Also you should get a sufficient time for sleep; sleeping hours should be at least 6 hours at night.

Also if you have any emotional or psychological problems, you should seek specialized medical advice.

You should get a periodic check- up

this procedure is very important as a preventive measure.

It helps you to diagnose the medical problems in an early stage, which could be very useful in the treatment plan.

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