signs of your son being bullied Beware seven warnings

7 signs of your son being bullied Beware of these seven warnings More than a quarter of the students in the United States have been bullied

Causes of sudden fainting in adolescents

signs of your son being bullied

and no doubt you want to know if one of your children has also been bullied in his or her life, in order to take your role in helping.

Are you good at reading what is in the minds of others? Experts say that the best way for parents to know that one of their children has been treated badly is to build their relationship with their children openly and transparently

and then your children will be exposed to you if they are hurt and you will notice dangerous evidence

“If you have a problem, listen to them before you take any concrete steps,” says Stan Davis, a bullying researcher and former schoolteacher.

“Keep calm.” In our national research we found that children indicated that the most valuable what adults have given them after being bullied is to listen to what they want to express.

“Ask what happened, how many times you repeated it, what your child felt about it and how unhappy he was.

If the problem was serious, take responsibility for solving it with the teacher, School

There are no clear signs of bullying

it would be easy – because we need a lot of factors to explain a behavior, but attention to these common signs can help you identify the problem

You no longer enjoy what she likes to do:

The lack of happiness is an essential evidence of depression.

“If your daughter lost interest in the food, entertainment and hobbies she loved, be aware that you noticed that she was upset and asked her why

“Temporary sadness is a natural part of life,” says Davis. “But when you grow up feeling despair and despair and lack of joy and vitality

this should be taken care of and explored more deeply with your son or daughter.

Bullying, but it can also be multiple meanings cannot distinguish the difference without asking it

Your son suddenly stopped using a social networking site

If you notice a sudden change in how your child deals with technology, it can be a sign that he is being bullied online, says Justin Patchin, a co-director of the online bullying research center.

For example, if you notice that one of your teenage children, One or two hours after Snapchat, after school, discards his personal phone or uses it for a much longer time than usual.

In this context, we conclude that he or she has had an address, and also monitor whether he or she is feeling angry, anxious or tense during or after the time spent on his machine

Your daughter is losing many of her friends

The great change of people with whom your children spend most of their time can sometimes indicate a problem

Adolescents’ friendships are not fixed and there will be some change, and this is normal,

but talk to your children to see if there is a fight, is it just a normal problem, or is there a more serious problem

Your son refuses to go to school or practice playing the ball

If your child suddenly drops out of school activities, fails to go to school, or misses the quota (or you have to allow it), it can mean that he is a victim of bullying.

 “This is actually a way to avoid the annoying situations
Feel bad about him

“When a child is targeted and becomes a victim of bullying, he will try to understand the incident and think to himself:

‘Maybe it happened to me because of something that I committed.'” Or for some reason what’s wrong with me

the occurrence of your daughter in a problem as a result of the practice of bullying itself

It may seem unexpected, but some victims of bullying act aggressively towards other children.
“They can decide to practice bullying on others as a reaction to being bullied.

” If you find out that your daughter is hanging on to a friend or colleague

Make sure you take responsibility, but ask her whether she or she has recently been bullied. These early problems are often overlooked

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