tips for kidney transplant patients
tips for kidney transplant patients

Important tips for kidney transplant patients

tips for kidney transplant patients – Kidney transplantation is the lifeblood of many patients with renal failure who depend on renal dialysis.

Kidney transplantation is the best solution for living as normal people who normally practice their daily lives and benefit their community.

The kidney transplant patient is a case that requires attention and careful maintenance of the patient and support of his family

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This is a new science in artificial kidney transplantation

tips for kidney transplant patients

Therefore, we would like to clarify in this topic tips for kidney transplant patients:

The timing of the medication per minute, and it is forbidden to leave or delay any dose of medicine, because it is possible that there is a danger here on the College planted instructions for kidney transplant medicines and drugs to prevent rejection of the College planted

Any role of cold or any small inflammation, even if the teeth must be treated quickly

Blood transfusion is prohibited only in extreme cases

Check with your doctor immediately if you feel heat or pain over the kidney area, urinary incontinence or irregular blood pressure

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The first month of implantation not to mix with people, preferably wearing a mask on the nose and mouth (Mask), because of the possibility of catching any enemy because of immune weakness

The treatment of transplant lasts for life, but the doses are reduced gradually

Do not eat any meat or food or meals ready outside the house or not cooked well

Salt and sugar should be reduced in food (due to cortisone)

Eat plenty of water and natural juices

Keep and protect yourself well from any infection

Preferably at the beginning of the implant temperature measurement thermometer twice a day + measuring pressure and weight daily

Pay attention to follow up with the doctor every 15 days, and then every month and every 3 months as long as the situation is stable

Follow up with the treating physician is very important and tell him any problem immediately

Exercise a light sport like walking regularly to stimulate circulation

Not to make any hard physical effort or violent sport

Attention to personal hygiene such as washing teeth and bathing regularly to prevent any bacteria or microbe

It is preferable to have a child after one or two years until the reduction of the dose of immune medicine and stability of the functions of the kidney and overall health of the body

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