Yoga treats the thyroid gland
Yoga treats the thyroid gland

Study: Yoga treats the thyroid gland

Yoga treats the thyroid gland – Yoga practice has many benefits for treating diseases and another study on the subject highlighted that it is fighting thyroid diseases

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Yoga treats the thyroid gland

The thyroid is a small tissue part of the neck that surrounds the throat and trachea and is attached to a couple of thyroid glands that regulate calcium in the blood.

It controls the metabolism of all cells in the body.

When the thyroid gland has many health problems, such as lack or increase of hormones, it adversely affects the rest of the body.

So, there have been many studies and recent scientific research that proved that the practice of yoga exercises regularly contributes greatly to the treatment of thyroid problems

There is a new American study entitled (Yoga and its impact on thyroid activity) published by the site of Life proves that the practice of hot yoga regulates thyroid secretions.

As many yoga movements and positions within hot yoga halls help greatly enhance thyroid functions

Hot Yoga is one of the most famous body and soul sports established by Choudhary and developed hot yoga at temperatures ranging from 95 to 105 Fahrenheit and 40% humidity.

These studies have shown the benefits of yoga to increase the secretion of thyroid hormones in the case of inactivity.

The practice of yoga regularly able to flow blood to the neck area, which helps in the secretion of thyroid hormone

June 21, 2014 The United Nations announced that this day is the day of universal yoga practice

Where is one of the largest events in the world, especially in the State of India?

yoga has been established for 5,000 years in India and is one of the most important Indian customs, traditions and cultures.

It is also a distinctive sport that includes mind, body and spirit.

It also helps to feel comfortable and relax and solve many health problems especially thyroid problems

Medical studies in the field of natural remedies have confirmed that all patients with thyroid problems and lack of activity must exercise in yoga.

The position of the camel and the status of cobra is one of the most important conditions in the sport of yoga to treat thyroid problems and regulate the hormones produced by this important gland.

It tightens the muscles of the neck, shoulders and neck and prevents hyperthyroidism or infection

As another study by Tanta University in Egypt has shown, “Thyroid hormone controls the weight,”

Consultant gastroenterologist and endocrinologist: “The thyroid gland is considered to be the master’s glands.

Therefore, the practice of yoga limits the high blood cholesterol levels,

which causes an increase in weight and obesity, and thus affects the hormones responsible for the thyroid gland and suffer many problems

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Yoga has many benefits

Yoga has many health benefits but it treats thyroid problems.

It also regulates the heartbeat, prevents blockage of the arteries, and relieves pain from the back and neck.

Thyroid also treats muscle spasms and arthritis. In addition,

the practice of yoga plays a major role in the treatment of psychological problems such as tension,

anxiety and a sense of severe depression. It gives the body a sense of relaxation,

calmness and psychological comfort